Bryce Canyon NP

IMG 6705  Bill, Francisco at Bryce Canyon NP, UT UTCedarCanyonRd  driving toward Bryce we saw a lot of snow UTRedCanyon5  Red Canyon road IMG 6696 UTBryceCanyonLodge  Bryce Canyon Lodge UTBryceCanyonLodgeBW  Bill inside the lodge before dinner one evening UTBryceCabin  Our Cabin IMG 6709  cabin
IMG 6775  Cold enough for a fire in the fireplace! UTBryceCanyonSunrisePntsunset  Sunrise Point IMG 6712  hoodoos, which are natural formations IMG 6719  Francisco at overlook IMG 6720 IMG 6726 IMG 6731 IMG 6735
IMG 6736 IMG 6738  a "window" in the wall IMG 6751 IMG 6756  snake IMG 6762 IMG 6764 IMG 6766  Queen Victoria formation from above IMG 6771
IMG 6777  Starting out on a hike to the Queens Garden UTBryceCanyonQGTrailBW  same thing UTBryceCanyonQGTrail3  Queens Garden entrance IMG 6785  entering Queens Garden IMG 6791 UTBryceCanyonQGTrail5  Queen Victoria formation IMG 6852  Queen Victoria formation from observation trail IMG 6798  Francisco on trail from Queens Garden to Sunset
IMG 6801  ground squirrel/chipmunk IMG 6803  bird UTBryceCanyonQGTrailBW2  continuing along the trail IMG 6811 IMG 6815 IMG 6820 IMG 6825 IMG 6829
IMG 6833  Francisco begins the switchback up IMG 6834 IMG 6840  looking back down at the switchback trail IMG 6841 IMG 6850 IMG 6854  along the road IMG 6858  Technically, it's not a "bridge" UTBryceCanyonNaturalBridge  Natural Bridge
IMG 6869 UTBryceCanyonNaturalBridgeBW  at Natural Bridge stop IMG 6871  Raven IMG 6876  at Natural Bridge IMG 6880  Bristlecone Loop hike: very high up and refreshing UTBryceCanyonBristleCone  Bristlecone, 1200 yrs old IMG 6889 IMG 6890
IMG 6923  Mossy Cave and Waterfall trail UTBryceCanyonMossyCaveTrl  Mossy Cave trail IMG 6910  at Mossy Cave IMG 0581 IMG 6901 IMG 6921  the waterfall UTBryceCanyonInspPoint  Inspiration Point UTBryceCanyonSquirril
IMG 0565 IMG 0568 IMG 0566 UTBryceCanyonWallStreetTrail2  Wall Street trail UTBryceCanyonWallStreetTrail3 UTBryceCanyonWallStreetTrail4 UTZionNatlParkHwy9b  along Highway 9. interesting formation