Rio Grande Gorge hike
At the top with Mountain range in background Rio Grande River and Gorge NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk21 NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk14
NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk10 Francisco at a Geological Survey guage station Francisco and Bill BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk10
BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk11 Heading up the trail NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk5 NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk8
NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk9 NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk11 NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk15 Rock slide and stand of Aspen trees
NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk20 BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk5 Bighorn Sheep were reintroduced to the tribal lands a herd of Bighorn Sheep were on the hillside
"Cleopatra" someone dumped a car down the gorge (we think that's how it got there) NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk17 Mallards on a sunny day
Francisco coming up the trail BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk16 NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk18 BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk
NMTAOSRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk4 BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk4 NMTAOSBWRioGrandeGorgeSTPrk BWNMTAOSRioGrandGorgeStPrk3
Looking back from the top