Train from Flam to Myrdal to Bergen

Flamsbana, the name of the train we took back to Bergen Flam Harbor and train station. we arrived here via ferry boat from Balestrand Train arriving All Aboard
Inside of train view from the Flamsbana on the way to Myrdal A local man advised us where to look and which side of the train had the best views Flam to Myrdal
Flam to Myrdal4 This is the oldest home along the route switchback road going up into the mountains The train made a stop here so we could take pictures
Kjosfossen waterfall Francisco, Bill at the waterfall Francisco right before we got back on the train Flam to Myrdal
Flam to Myrdal9 lots of snow along the way Howdy, from Francisco Bill and Francisco in the Club Car
The train from Bergen to Oslo goes back through Myrdal. From Bergen via Myrdal to Oslo On the way to Oslo Passing through Finse
Out of the snow and getting close to Oslo