Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

Sergels Torg Central Station Francisco checking the map Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Gamla Stan on a drizzly early evening Hotel Gamla Stan, Francisco looks at amber glass sculpture we liked
Hello, can you hear me now?  Old phone booth, modern equipment Gamla Stan, looking down the street Svenska Akademien typical stree in Gamla Stan
harbor statue of man and eagle high school graduation truck full of drunks Hotel Rica, our home in Stockholm, located above the Pub Store Hotel, down the street at the right, to the left the financial district
view from our hotel room window Square below filled with vendors, mostly veggies and flowers Harbor and Gamla Stan view view of Gamla Stan from a hill across from Skeppsholmsbron bridge
Nybroviken Bay Entrance to Nybroviken Bay. Across the bay is the National Museum city view from Katarinahissen or Katarina lift view of turnaround and Gamla Stan from Katarina Lift
Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace) Royal Palace changing of the guard Guard and Bill Francisco and guard
Royal Palace Mynttorget Square, with part of Parliment building in the background National Museum, Rembrandt, Manet, etc Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum)
Norkiska Museet entryway Norkiska Museet corridor Nordiska Museet from driveway Nordiska Museet statue and Bill
Parliment building Bill and Francisco in front of Parliment gate From Parliment Gate looking across toward Gamla Stan.  Royal Palace on the right, Storkyrkan (Great Church) on the left Sergel Torg, Francisco waving to the webcam we watched before our trip
Stadshuset (City Hall) built in 1923. Home of the Nobel Peace Prize dinner Stadshuset Hall, Bill and Francisco out front Blue Hall, which is not really blue. Where the Nobel Peace Prize dinner is held Blue Hall statue
Stadshuset, ornate window Golden Hall Golden Hall mural up close Looking out
mens' room Stadshuset tomb.  what is this? window balcony with clock above wooden horse
old steamer Stockholm harbor lake locks to hold in the freshwater lake Stortorget Square, the heart of old Stockholm
Stortorget Square fountain, Francisco and Bill Kungstradgardent subway station Vasa Museum, housing the warship Vasa A picture of the Vasa.  It was top heavy and sank in 1628, just 10 minutes into her maiden voyage
Vasa duplicate lion and Francisco Vasa canon and Francisco Vasa port side.  it was raised in 1961 and is being restored. Vasa stern. it is a huge ship and has been partially restored
when the wind blew, water flooded into its lower canon holes Francisco in Vasa Park Then we took this steamer from Stockholm to Vaxholm Nacka Strand, along the way to Vaxholm
old windmill lighthouse in the harbor Washolmen stop.  when you want the boat to stop, you show the disk on the blue post Vaxholm (Waxholm) hotel and excellent restuarant
Vaxholm fortress, fortified by King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century Francisco and fortress Bill waiting for the return boat