Oslo, Capital of Norway

National Theatre with fountain Oslo City Hall City Hall fountain City Hall wooden relief
City Hall, entrance relief Wooden relief mural in mian hall city hall mural
City Hall mural in main hall2 building downtown downtown hotel Hotel Thom Spectrum
National Theatre Oslo neighborhood Nobel Institute, site of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Oslo Park
Parliment building Karl Johan gate and Royal Palace Royal Palace Royal Palace guard
Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Garden Sculpture gate Vigeland Sculpture garden, Monolitten area Sculpture2
Sculpture Father and Son Sculpture1 Sculpture3
Sculpture4 Sculpture5 Sculpture Garden fountain Man
Man playing with children man with child Street sculpture (PeeWee?) and Bill Rose in hand
Street Sculpture rose2 University of Oslo Viking Ship Museum Viking ships were on display
Viking Ship7 Viking Ship5 Viking Ship3 Viking Ship4
Viking Ship2 Viking Ship1 Viking Ship8 Viking Ship6