Turning Torso, built by Santiago Calatrava Turning Torso Apoteket (Pharmacy) of of the oldest buildings on Stortoget (main plaza) Raoul Wallenbergs park, near Lilla Nygattan Sondra Promenaden
Park Kanalen in Kungsparken Forstads Kanalen and Drottninggatan St. cat on Sondra steps, along Forstads Kanalen Francisco on the Sodra steps
when the sun comes out, so do the people. Forstads and Rorsjo Kanalen Central train station City hall (Radhuset), built in 1860 Stortoget, Francisco and Bill by fountain in front of City Hall
there was a military concert in town square residence on town square dates to the 1850's, Renaissance style Game day.  Sweden vs Denmakr Hilton Malmo, Francisco and Bill
Hilton Malmo from Triangeln Square hotel view of city. below, Triangeln Square and Sodra Forstadsgatan (pedestrian only street) Hotel view of Triangein Square Triangeln Square statue, note water shooting from eyes
military band in Triangeln Square Let's see now, do i turn right or left at the light? at the Miso Vegetarian restuarant one evening Francisco and non-violent statue
Post Office building Hook 'em hons.  Ok, i couldn't resist doing this. Kungsparken, boy with geese Windbill.  When the wind blows, he turns
Lilla Torg Square, oldest building Lilla Torg Square oldest building Lila Torg, medieval building Lila Torg Square, mens toliet
Lilla Torg Square, band concert Malmohus Castle museums, oldest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia Modern art museum in castle Malmohus relics from St. Petri's church
Malmohus, doorway Malmohus, Francisco in funny room that distorts your senses Palace room this is a dummy security scene. note the cat on the monitor
Francisco on bridge in Kungsparken with Turning Torso in background Oresund Bridge and Strait, the bridge is 4km tunnel and 8km bridge, connects Malmo with Copenhagen Oresund birdge with Francisco and Bill Pildammsparken (park) entrance, the park is in the middle of the city and is very beautiful
built for the Baltic Expo in 1914 fields of flowers and geese formal garden with statue Pildammsparken fountains
Francisco in park original pavillion lake old water tower. this freshwater lake used to be the town's drinking water source
map. all in Swedish, in case you get lost Bill and Francisco in the Margareta Pavillion the geese lead Francisco down the path when swan's attack
Sundspromenaden Beach on a sunny day Sundspromenaden Beach, Francisco on a polished rock Sundspromenaden Beach, Francisco on observation deck with Oresund Bridge in background it's only cold at first, they said
Sodra Forstadsg St, looking toward the Hilton Sodra Forstadst street St. Petri Kyrka, Malmo's oldest building dating to 14th century St. Petri sanctuary
altar ornate pulpit baptistry painted ceiling
stop. geese crossing swan attacking Francisco Turning Torso, built near the harbor Francisco with Turning Torso
Turning Torso with Francisco Turning Torso from directly beneath Bill at Turning Torso pond Francisco at Turning Torso pond
Turning Torso with Francisco by pond Sunset over the city Bill on train, happy to be going home Francisco also happy to be going home