Bergen, Norway's Gateway to the Fjords. Founded in 1070.

Francisco and Bill on Mt. Floyen Flying into Bergen Flying into Bergen Floibanen, the funicular to Floyen
Bergen from funicular Lille Lungegardsvann from Mt. Floyen Francisco with Bergen in background Bill on Mt Floyen overlook
Bryggen, the Old Town built by the Hansa people a local pub Aquarium, lots of fun to visit Bergen, Art Museun
Bergen, Central Station Bryggen harbor The Captain was anxious to tell us the story of this beautiful, wooden-decked boat, which is still in use today Bill aboard the KNM Hitra, built in 1939 and given to Norway's Navy by the US
Bryggen Bryggen houses Bryggen, old house Bryggen, old house
Enjoying the Hansa on a pretty afternoon Hansa, the local beer Bryggen side street with Francisco Constitution Day. Francisco and locals
Consitution Day parade band Chestnut trees in bloom Church of the Cross
Maria Kirken Church, oldest bld still in use in the city, 12th century Furs on sale in the fish market Hakonshallen, gothic hall built in 1261 Rosenkrantz
Grand Terminus Hotel where we stayed Relaxing in the Grand Terminus bar Our Room laundry day
plaza statues on Torgallmenningen President Bill Clinton was in town to give a speech Rosenkrantz Tower Johannes Kirken
typical cobblestone street Sunset at 10 30 pm Sunset