Ahuachupan Province

Juayua Church, home of the "Black Christ," a famous statue On the road to Santa Leticia, we stopped an an overview Our favorite place to stay: Santa Leticia, outside of Apaneca IMG 0880 front porch of our cabin Santa Leticia is a quiet, beautiful place IMG 0826 Flower at Santa Leticia
walking up to the archeological site, we saw this group of boys playing futbol IMG 1192 Olmec culture is judged to have lasted from 1500 BC through to 400 BC based on radiocarbon dating.[7] Investigations at Santa Leticia securely dated Santa Leticia Monuments 1 and 3 to between 500 BC and AD 100 using a combination of radiocarbon dating and ceramic evidence this one was damaged before we got there.  Three potbelly monuments were found resting on a large terrace in Santa Leticia in El Salvador, a site near Chalchuapa consisting of various mounds and platforms. These monuments were large and especially obese. Francisco, Olmec gordo, Bill Apaneca Plaza in Apaneca: Keith, Egidio, Francisco Apaneca Canopy Tour
Edigio, Keith, Francisco and Bill get ready for our zip line experience Francisco talks to the zip line crew DSC 0406 IMG 0925 Francisco takes off the zipline tour also had this wobbly bridge to cross. Francisco is holding on Bill in Juayua Plaza Juayua church interior with Black Christ at the altar
IMG 0956 The Black Christ.  This statue is a sister statue to that of the revered Basilica of Esquipulas in Guatemala and was carved by Quirio Cantano in the late 16th Century. old building being restored in Ahuachapan Asuncion Church, Ahuachapan Asuncion Church in Ahuachapan Angel in Ahuachapan Church Visiting with the Priest at the San Francisco Church in Ataco Church in Ataco
IMG 0991 IMG 1007 belfry view from belfry Ataco, a small, beautiful town IMG 1017 IMG 1013 IMG 1019
Church of Conception in Ataco, under construction worker scupting a corner