Luis and Teresa have a beautiful home at the Lagoa Banana Lake IMG 9050 IMG 9054 BRFORLagoaBananaB
BRFORLagoaBanana12 Egidio and his grand-nephew and niece Luciana and her children BRFORLagoaBanana9
Diana and Bill BRFORLagoaBanana11 Bill and Davi wearing his Christmas outfit BRFORLagoaBanana15
BRFORLagoaBanana16 IMG 9051 IMG 9068 Our Host and Chef!
IMG 9062 IMG 9063 IMG 9069 IMG 9071
The children always have the most fun IMG 9104 The Leitao grandchildren, with Leo's picture (he couldn't make it) A quiet moment for Bill
Mr. Leitao arriving 123012 0426 123012 0427 123012 0428
123012 0430 Cashews and mangoes 123012 0437 Francisco taking it easy after lunch
Our little "Texan" Family picture Francisco, Daniel, Egidio, Keith